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    Egypt’s ICT Golden Book 2006

    Egypt has been actively involved in shaping the World Summit for the Information Society (WSIS) Plan of Action for international ICT development. The ICT Golden Book details the implementation of WSIS goals and provides tangible proof of Egypt’s capability, dedication and commitment to implementing WSIS action plans and using information and communication technologies to achieve its human development goals.

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    Date Published: Dec 2006

    Related Publications
    Egypt WSIS+10 Overall Review of the Implementation of the WSIS Outcomes
    Jun 2014
    The Egypt WSIS+10 Country Report reviews Egypt’s progress in ICT for development and the implementation of the WSIS outcomes over the last decade. The report highlights Egypt’s achievements in building the information society during this period, focusing on the key areas of policy, infrastructure, access to ICTs, capacity building and training, industry development, improving citizens’ quality of life, and innovation and entrepreneurship.
    Profiles of Progress
    Jun 2014
    Profiles of Progress is an addendum to the Egypt WSIS+10 Country Report, detailing ICT-related initiatives, programs and projects adopted in Egypt over the last 10 years and showcasing the work of government entities, civil society, the private sector and other stakeholders in this regard. The online version will be periodically updated to function as a living document that provides up-to-date information on Egypt’s ICT-related initiatives and programs.
    Egypt's ICT Strategy Flyer 2007 | 2010
    Jun 2007
    This Flyer provides a summary of the Egypt ICT Strategy 2007-2010. The strategy reflects people's requirements with respect to e-access, education, health, e-content and government services, which are essential for Egypt's socioeconomic development, MCIT's 2007-10 Development Strategy reflects its commitment to using ICT to further sustainable human development and build an information society capable of capitalizing on the emerging knowledge revolution.
    MCIT Yearbook 2006
    May 2007
    A look back at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology's activities and achievements for the year, MCIT Yearbook details new and continuing initiatives, events and other calendar highlights relevant to Egypt's progress in the ICT field both at home and abroad.
    Egypt’s Best Practices in ICT
    Nov 2006
    The latest update of Egypt's successful initiatives, projects and best practices in the ICT field as model for replication in other countries. The information is oriented to decision makers, focusing on the specific objectives and significance of each initiative, as well as budgets, work plans, timetables, stakeholders, formulas for success, difficulties, solutions and social implications in light of the Millennium Development Goals. The publication was first published in November 2005.
    Egypt's Information Society- 2005
    Oct 2005
    An outline of the initiatives implemented to bolster Egypt's transition into a fully-fledged information society while simultaneously addressing internal development issues through R&D, total domestic e-Access as well as the implementation of adaptable regulatory procedures in order to attract foreign investment.

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