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    Egypt @ ITU Telecom World 2006

    An overview of Egypt's participation at ITU Telecom World 2006 presenting MCIT's initiatives for ICT growth, highlighting the country's telecom infrastructure, governmental incentive packages and laws to safeguard and facilitate investment. Egypt's presentation also promoted its technical capabilities and development of a skilled workforce to attain its goals internationally and domestically.

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    Date Published: Dec 2006

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    Egypt’s Candidacy for ITU Council (2014- 2018)
    Mar 2014
    Egypt is proud of the role it has played in the history of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and its contribution in developing national, regional and international partnerships to achieve the ITU and MDGs goals. The Egyptian ICT sector has maintained high growth rates, and attracted a number of investments that helped and participated effectively in boosting the country’s economy.
    EGYPT… Candidate for the ITU Council 2010- 2014
    Oct 2010
    The brochure highlights Egypt’s keenness to continue supporting the ITU in its role, providing important contributions to the work of the Council and ITU Development, Standardization and Radio communication sector, pointing out its commitment to the ITU, as an active member of the ITU Council for 9 of the past 11 terms. The brochure also stresses the bold moves to build a solid foundation for continuing ICT Development at a rate that society cannot only adapt to but also welcomes. The key to this success stated with the liberalization of the country’s communications sector, followed by a series of actions furthering this liberalization.
    EGYPT… Candidate for the ITU Council 2006 - 2010
    Nov 2006
    An overview of Egypt's candidacy for the ITU Council, highlighting its past role and long-term contribution to the promotion and enhancement of the work of the ITU. A member since 1876, Egypt has actively promoted and contributed to the realization of the ITU mission through the development of related domestic and regional projects, international collaboration and its constant membership since 1973 in the council.
    ITU Telecom Africa 2004
    Feb 2004
    A summary of the International Telecommunication Union's choice of Egypt to host the ITU Telecom Africa 2004. As part of a series of events, the occasion was envisioned as an exhibition and a forum for African industry leaders, ministers, CEOs, directors and regulators to discuss issues related to telecommunications.
    ITU Pavillion Catalogue
    Sep 2003
    An overview of Egypt's participation at the 2003 ITU Telecom World in Geneva, highlighting its commitment to realizing an information society, create an internationally completive CIT industry, role as a regional hub and its high tech infrastructure and services. The participants at the pavilion included the public sector -- MCIT, NTRA and Telecom Egypt -- as well as the private sector companies.

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