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    Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing is the methodology that helps organizations to provide the maximum amount of IT efficiency and makes it possible to store, manage and analyze information in the world with its steady growth.

    It reflects a new consumption, supplement, and delivery model for IT services. It offers the computing processing power, storage, network bandwidth, software usage, software development, testing, security, identity as services over the Internet.

    The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) addresses  Cloud Computing, Data Centers, Integrated Solutions, and Web 2.0 as top priorities in the international ICT agenda.

    Towards this end, many MoUs have been signed with foreign authorities in Germany, Malaysia, and Singapore for the purpose of sharing their expertise in terms of preparing Egyptian calibers to join this new industry.

    Cloud computing offers tremendous cost-effectiveness by providing a “pay per use” model and ensures professional management of the infrastructure. It is fair to say that this model is bound to change the façade of IT usage across the world in the immediate near future.

    It is expanding and becoming a popular solution among businesses worldwide when it presented efficient and optimistic results.

    Increased revenues, expanding businesses, and new job creation, not limited to the information technology sector, are all possible through extensive use of cloud computing.


    MCIT continued to promote and support the development and use of cloud computing and related technologies in both government and education. Efforts in this field include the following:

    § Technology Day Workshops:The Information Technology Institute (ITI), in cooperation with Alexandria University’s Faculty of Engineering, held a Technology Day focusing on cloud computing and mobile applications in May 2012.
    Included in the day’s activities was a cloud computing workshop that looked at the benefits and challenges of cloud computing, and demonstrated how to create a cloud and manage various cloud services. Another workshop, on mobile technology, examined the growth of the Egyptian mobile market, covering smartphone evolution and opportunities in mobile applications and operating systems

    § Cloud Computing Workshop: the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), in partnership with Cloud Niners – the patent owner of a system to conduct training sessions in virtual labs – held a workshop on cloud computing and open source technologies in May 2012. The one-day event provided attendees with an introduction to cloud computing and open source technologies, including cloud development design patterns, cloud application writing, and monitoring and alert systems.

    § Cloud Weekend 2013: the Cloud Weekend conference is one of MCIT events to spread awareness about cloud computing. The event is the result of collaboration between the Information Technology Institute (ITI), affiliated to MCIT, and the inevitable could community. The event, held in May 2013, covered the latest trends and innovation in the world of Cloud Computing, providing global directions and best practices around the future of Cloud Computing with emphasis on Research Clouds’ rule in the development of the Information Technology in Egypt

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