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    Submarine Cables

    Issued licenses for the establishment, operation and lease of submarine cables network and infrastructure for international communications:

    Owing to the unique location of Egypt in the heart of the Arab world --the meeting point of Asia, Africa and Europe--the routes of submarine cables pass through the Suez Canal or the Egyptian territories to connect the world.

    In addition, the great development achieved by Egypt in the field of media content qualifies her strongly to become a regional hub for communications and Information Technology industry.

    Over the past two decades, the majority of high-capacity fiber optic cables, linking Asia and Africa with Europe and North America, has passed through Egypt, which has supported its connection with neighboring countries through fiber optic cables, microwave networks and satellites,  qualifying Egypt to be a distinguished hub for transit traffic.


    Within the framework of policies that aim to enhance and boost competition in the telecom sector, NTRA has prepared a fair and transparent framework for competition and innovation enhancement in this field, with the aim of:
    § Attract new local and international investments in communications in order to expand the scope of participation and stakeholders' involvement
    § Optimize Egypt's share of international communications
    § Ensure the termination of the international communications, received in Egypt, through the licensed international gateways  and the elimination of  the bypassing of international calls to guarantee and sustain high quality services linking Egypt with the outside world
    § Provide various telecom services on a global level to connect the business sector and investors in Egypt with the world and to improve the competitiveness of Egypt as an international center for services
    § Create new job opportunities in ICT field, especially with regards to the provision of value-added services
    § Encourage the establishment of consortium and alliances between Egyptian and international companies for the exchange of expertise and transfer of the know-how and attain regional expansion
    Future prospects

    The license granted to the Licensee will give it the right to establish, operate, maintain and lease the submarine cables network and the infrastructure of International communications passing in Egypt, provided that the Licensee, upon the establishment of its company, abide by the technical and technological requirements and obligations approved and issued by the NTRA and the acknowledged construction standards and specifications for the installation and construction of the infrastructure of telecom networks in addition to ITU recommendations in this regard.


    Number of Licensees: 2

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