Applied Innovation Center

The Applied Innovation Center (AIC) was established to explore and promote the use of emerging Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in analyzing and solving national challenges, while developing human capital and creating an environment for innovative enterprises to form and succeed.
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AIC aims to use the most appropriate technologies to develop and pilot innovative solutions for key national challenges. AIC projects are expected to culminate into pilot deployments to further investigate and solve various usage and scalability aspects.

AIC uses projects settings to develop the skills of highly talented professionals in advanced ICT fields, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data analytics, High Performance Computing (HPC), automation and robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), and cybersecurity.

AIC helps to accelerate the growth of the Egyptian ICT sector by supporting the creation of domestic high-tech enterprises that can ultimately participate in large government projects and serve the private sector, both locally and internationally.

AIC leverages a solid partnership network with educational institutes and multinational corporates. AIC hosts a top notch high performance computer, at the disposal of AIC and partners’ teams.


To be the go-to team for addressing Egypt’s growth and sustainability challenges using emerging technologies. 


◾ Deliver optimal solutions to real problems
◾ Tackle hard challenges through innovation and collaboration
◾ Develop continuously skills that enhance relevance and value
◾ Respect and empower every individual

AIC, in its first phase, will focus on the development of local expertise through short- and medium-term hands-on projects, implemented in collaboration with top-tier companies and R&D institutions, working in areas of mutual interest and inspired by real-life problems. Projects are expected to culminate into pilot deployments to further investigate and solve various usage and scalability aspects.

In the future phases, AIC will provide production-level solutions and services to governmental and private entities in Egypt and beyond.

AIC owns and operates a solid infrastructure that enables implementation of the target projects. AIC hosts a top notch High Performance Computer (HPC), at the disposal of AIC and partners’ teams. AIC is planning to leverage the usage of HPC beyond AIC team to avail the high-end technology to researchers and students in Egypt working on technologies that require parallel processing.

AIC has focused on developing innovative solutions and building expertise in a number of domains, including health care, agriculture, Natural Language Processing (NLP), urban planning and others.

Health Care

The AIC has developed an AI diagnosis model for certain vision disorders with a precision that exceeds FDA thresholds in both sensitivity and specificity. The Center has also worked closely with medical experts and started a real-life pilot in clinics and hospitals.


The AIC is working with the Agriculture Research Center (ARC) on developing an AI system for land use management, crop yield prediction, water use optimization, and crop health monitoring. In collaboration with a couple of major multinational technology providers, AIC and ARC have finished the first phase of the project, which focused on the use of low-resolution satellite images to detect boundaries and identify crops.

Natural Language Processing

The AIC is cooperating with a global AI technology vendor on developing leading-edge engines for machine translation, text to speech synthesis, and automatic speech recognition for colloquial Arabic.

Urban Planning

In cooperation with a world-leading Research University, the AIC is developing and customizing digital tools, models, and collaboration platforms dedicated to solving urban planning challenges in Egypt in ways that go beyond spatial and physical aspects to include behavioral and societal dimensions.

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