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Hoda Dahroug is the Advisor to the Minister for Digital Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). She is also the Sustainable Development and Strategic Management Expert and Member of the Presidential Advisory Council for Community Development. With a successful track record spanning over 20 years, she was able to manage several projects that contributed to the achievement of global development goals.
Through her work in the development field, Dahroug contributed to implementing several national strategic initiatives especially for the marginalized segments, the most important of which was a national initiative to eliminate the phenomenon of homeless children. In addition, she worked on the collection of community contributions for the strategy of "Egypt 2030", as well as overseeing the socio-economic development policies using information and communication technologies, many of which were applied to become successful national projects in Egypt, the Arab world and North Africa.
During a dynamic career, Dahroug managed many national programs and initiatives, where responsibilities included strategic planning, international cooperation and coordination of partnerships among all stakeholders including governmental, international bodies and private sector companies and civil society organizations. Given the importance of these partnerships, she has succeeded in attracting investments of international organizations, establishing development partnerships and promoting concerted national efforts to implement several developmental initiatives in several areas, such as literacy, education, health, women's empowerment, youth employment, supporting entrepreneurship, integrating Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) as well as empowering remote and marginalized communities.
Adding to her list of accomplishments, Dahroug adopted a number of innovative development models at the national level, the most important of which was the "Sustainable Technological Development Model in Remote Areas" through the development of integrated solutions for various areas of intervention to improve the lives of citizens, chief among them was the "Telemedicine Project" which helps to enhance health services in these regions.
During her tenure as the National Project Director at Egypt ICT Trust fund, the Fund won more than 23 international awards and recognitions, most recently the World Summit Award for the Information Society for the "Telemedicine Project”. Dahroug participated in many international and regional conferences, submitted several working papers and was an official speaker for disseminating best practices and deepening cooperation between the countries of the south.
Dahroug holds a BA in Electronics and Communication, from Cairo University, Egypt. She earned her MBA from Paris Sorbonne University, France. She received numerous certificates in ICT applications, projects management and strategic planning.
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