Ministry of Communications and Information Technology


Director General of General Department of Administrative Affairs

Place of Work
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT)
Job Description
The vacancy is the top position in the General Department of Administrative Affairs, which is affiliated with the Central Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs and Requirements.
The incumbent is responsible for overseeing the implementation of administrative activities related to public services, means of transportation, institutional memory, and safety of MCIT building to achieve an appropriate level of cleanliness, overall appearance, and aesthetic touch to the workplace.
Basic Skills
Strong ability to lead, direct, develop, and implement plans and programs
Technical Skills
Successfully complete the required training in accordance with the law's provisions and executive regulations
Years of Experience
Have at least one year of experience in a position that is one level below Level A, or have a total of at least 17 years of experience in a position of similar nature
A suitable high qualification
Posting Date
29 Aug 2023
Last Day for Applying
01 Oct 2023
No. of Employees Required
How to Apply
Applications must be submitted either in person or by registered mail, with acknowledgment of receipt, to the Technical Secretariat of the Leadership Positions Committee at MCIT premises:
-    New Administrative Capital – Government District – Third Floor – Office 3158, or
-    MCIT premises - Smart Village - km 28 Cairo/Alexandria Desert Road – Second Floor - Office 2010
Required Documents
1.    A statement of the applicant's approved employment status, including employment history, scientific and practical capabilities, leadership skills, and any other relevant data, supported by documents.
2.    National ID Card
3.    Six (6) personal photos, size 4×6
4.    A statement of the applicant's achievements and contributions to the unit in which he was working
5.    A proposal to develop the unit or one of its main activities to improve its performance and develop its systems, according to the form provided by the Decree of the Minister of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform No. (95) of 2017. A copy of the proposal must be submitted in a CD.
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