Digital Transformation for Sustainable Development

IT Clubs

ICT revolution contributes greatly to the advancement of sustainable development. Therefore, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) works to bridge the digital divide through the introduction of “IT Clubs”.

The project of “Activating the Role of Information Technology Clubs in Community Development” contributes to eliminating the digital gap through making the technology available to all strata of society in all geographical areas. This is in addition to empowering individuals working in the community development with the aim of achieving sustainability. Furthermore, the activation of the role of IT clubs provides a great opportunity to boost technology role in economic growth and comprehensive development.

The IT Club is a public place where people can use computers, access the Internet, and other digital technology tools that enable them to collect information, learn, innovate and communicate with others while developing basic digital skills in order to support the economic, educational, and social development of society.  The main goal of the IT clubs is to increase the availability and accessibility of IT services for all the segments of society to bridge the digital inequality gap.


- Provide needs assessment and capacity building programs to enhance the competencies of human resources
- Promote institutional capacity building for governmental and non-governmental organizations that adopt IT Clubs
- Enhance the skills of job seekers to promote their living conditions
- Raise societal awareness of the importance of ICT applications in development
- Widen the scope of ICT to reach all segments of the society

The work strategy focuses on two main pillars:
Human resources: It entails providing continuous training and capacity building programs for the staff of the IT clubs to cope with the changing nature of technology.

Services and content: The IT clubs services, including trainings, awareness sessions, e-governance, illiteracy eradication, and employment services, are customized to every target area and audience to ensure that the provided services reflect the actual needs of beneficiaries and address all segments of society. The IT clubs provide several trainings for personal and career development. It includes the following:

- Microsoft office 
- Sales and marketing
- Technical support
- Management
- Soft skills 
- Career path
- Customer service
- freelance
- Html and Css
- JavaScript 
- HR
- Business and entrepreneurship skills
- Excel for accounting
- Career coaching
- Digital marketing
- Office 365 online tools

The project was divided into phases. The first phase of the project entails activating the role of existing IT clubs based on a set of prespecified criteria to ensure its quality and effectiveness. The second phase incorporates the establishment of new IT clubs based on a thorough geographical distribution plan to ensure the accessibility of IT clubs all over Egypt.

The project was implemented in cooperation with many stakeholders. The project working mechanism builds on the cooperation with multiple NGOs, governmental institutions, cultural palaces, public libraries, and youth centers in addition to the partnership with the Ministry for Administrative Development to provide e-government services.

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