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Digital Citizenship

The child online protection and Internet safety represent an integral dimension of MCIT “Digital Egypt” strategy and social responsibility.
Since 2007, MCIT has led massive national efforts in empowering children and young people to safely navigate the online world and allowing them to be equipped with the necessary skills to identify threats, and fully understand the implications and results of their behavior online.

MCIT steers the National Committee for Child Online Protection (COP), that includes representatives of ministries, IT companies, communications service providers and non-governmental organizations, aiming to:

- Support a safe environment for Internet usage among children according to COP committee members scope of work
- Set a strategy for child online protection and Internet safety in alignment with national directions
- Communicate with international entities supporting COP, and open discussion channels among member entities in the COP national committee

Digital Citizenship National Initiative

The initiative aims to help citizens recognize the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of living, learning, and working in an interconnected digital world, and they act in ways that are safe, legal and ethical.


- Increase access to specialized knowledge and reliable content on digital citizenship concepts, skills, and inspirational models
- Build the capacity of Egyptian citizens to use digital citizenship skills through specialized training and online counseling services
- Enhance awareness of local communities with digital hazards and increase citizen knowledge with cyber security techniques, and available channels of protection and support
- Establish local and international partnerships to exchange knowledge and build successful experiences

Cooperation with International Organizations:

- Activate cooperation with UNICEF to boost child online protection on different levels including production of specialized content and raising awareness for involved target groups
- Assess the feasibility of using the specialized digital literacy curricula available on the community Knowledge portals “Kenana online” on maximizing the project impact

Governmental Stakeholders:

- Collaborate with the National Council for Women (NCW) to provide responding mechanism that can address the escalating online violence against girls and teens
- Coordinate with relevant ministries to document laws and regulation related to child online protection and cybercrimes

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