Digital Transformation for Sustainable Development

Digital Path for Sustainable Green Recovery Initiative

In light of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) endeavors to avail ICTs in community development, MCIT has collaborated with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Environmental Research, Ain Shams University, to implement the Digital Path for Sustainable Green Recovery initiative. The initiative aims at raising community awareness in the environment, climate change, and green skills development areas. It builds on a threefold strategy that focuses on raising public awareness, enhancing e-learning, and promoting e-services in the environment. 

To promote a knowledge society by nurturing environmental activists who are capable of responding to environmental challenges.

To build the capacities of all segments of the population in the issues related to the environment through fostering cooperation with diverse stakeholders to preserve environmental sustainability.

- Promoting the development of ICT tools and applications to enhance environmental sustainability
- Improving the environmental e-learning context by developing an e-learning platform to provide free material to raise environmental awareness
- Building the capacities of environmental trainers on e-learning skills, the usage, and maintenance of the e-learning platform
- Supporting the creation of interactive electronic curricula to mainstream sustainability and climate change in education and training for all segments of the population.
- Raising community awareness of environmental sustainability in addition to mitigation and adaptation measures of climate change to promote the engagement of local communities in tackling climate change
- Building the skills and capacities of youth as climate ambassadors to encourage a culture of environmental responsibility among the public

Target Groups:

- The public
- Youth
- Trainers
- Faculty Staff

Training Programs:
- e-Learning fundamentals
- Instructional design
- e-Learning graphic design
- Raising societal awareness of climate change risks
- Climate change ambassadors

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