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Believing in the significance of building and developing human capital, Egypt’s Vision 2030 attaches high priority to Egyptian women, as a key pillar of community development, which will only be achieved through ensuring the effective participation of women in all work aspects, to build a strong nation.
Within this framework, Qodwa-Tech initiative was launched, under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). The initiative aims to contribute to the social and economic empowerment of girls and women in Egyptian governorates, especially in remote and marginalized areas, using ICT.
The initiative also focuses on representing women of the informal economy sector and the handicraft and agricultural industries sector, motivating them to become entrepreneurs and enhancing their capabilities in ICT and fintech. The aim is to achieve financial inclusion and digital transformation, through equality and equal opportunities, and to contribute to achieving Egypt’s Vision 2030, involving driving an inclusive economic growth.
§ Contributing to the social and economic empowerment of Egyptian women and promoting their digital inclusion, using ICT, especially in remote and marginalized areas
§ Leveraging women’s potentials, positively and effectively, and creating positive social change in local communities
§ Capitalizing on ICT to raise the work efficiency of women in the handicraft and agricultural industries sector
§ Developing training packages and applications that contribute to the development of women and girls’ skills and the sustainability and exchange of knowledge among them
§ Qualifying female calibers in remote and marginalized areas, where they get selected and equipped with modern technological skills, according to scientific, technical and age-specific standards, to become role models in their local communities
§ Providing technical support to motivate female calibers to become freelancers in different sectors with economic growth potentials, depending on the competitive advantage and diversified economy of each governorate
§ Motivating these calibers to qualify other girls in their community, and help them access the freelancing market
§ Including women from the informal economy sector into the formal economy one, to achieve financial inclusion
§ Creating a sustainable social model that contributes to reducing the unemployment rate and solving economic problems for women in the local community, which contributes to supporting social unity and belonging, with work and production

§ Ministry of Youth and Sports
§ Egypt Post
§ National Council for Women
§ Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise
Development Agency (MSMEDA)
§ Aswan Governorate
§ Assiut Governorate
§ Kafr El Shikh Governorate
§ Nile University
§ Hawaa Magazine
§ Rotary Club of 6 October
§ Alexandria Businessmen Association


§ Info Women Leaders
§ Women Entrepreneurs

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