Digital Transformation

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) endeavors to build “Digital Egypt” and forges an Egyptian digital society that adopts and integrates technologies in almost every aspect of life. Therefore, MCIT seeks to promote the development of the ICT infrastructure and improve digital services in government agencies, to enhance the performance of ministries and other government agencies, and raise the quality and efficiency of services, by improving the work environment, providing support for the decision-making process and finding solutions to major issues in society.

Strategic Orientation of Digital Transformation in Egypt

  • Improve citizens’ quality of life by improving their living conditions and providing multiple electronic services through all digital and non-digital outlets
  • Transform the government into a digitally connected government by linking government digital systems and improving work within the state's administrative apparatus to work efficiently and effectively
  • Promote e-governance and foster the values of transparency, accountability and oversight for all business through interaction and partnership among the various elements of society, including universities, the private sector, civil society and others

Digital Transformation Main Platforms:


Automation and e-Service


Modern Employee

Geographic Data

State Asset Management

Content and Portals

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