Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
20 Nov 2023
ITU World Radiocommunication Conference 2023
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The World Radiocommunication Conference 2023 (WRC-23) is organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) from November 20 to December 15 in Dubai, UAE. Held every three to four years, the Conference brings governments together for negotiations on the allocation of radio-frequency spectrum. It reviews and updates the Radio Regulations, the international treaty governing the use of spectrum and geostationary and non-geostationary satellite orbits. Over 4,000 delegates attend WRC-23, from ITU 193 Member States. Also, in attendance as observers are representatives from the 278 ITU-R Members, representing varied stakeholders, including equipment manufacturers, telecommunications companies, network operators, international organizations, and industry forums, as well as representatives from ITU United Nations sister agencies, regional telecommunication organizations and intergovernmental organizations operating satellite systems, and academia.

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