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You may sign up for and customize your MCIT feed. Simply check the subject matter you are interested in and click create feed. You will be provided with a custom URL to view your feed, as well as an easy way to add the feed to your own news reader.
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What is RSS?
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a basic web feed service that allows content providers to easily create and distribute (syndicate) news, information and other content to many channels. Subscribers of an RSS feed can conveniently receive the latest news and content right on their desktop/handheld device. Whenever content providers update their RSS feed, readers who have subscribed to that feed are automatically sent the latest information.

MCIT RSS Terms of Use
The feeds are provided free of charge. The use of any information obtained via MCIT RSS service must be clearly attributed to MCIT (, as is the case with all information obtained from the MCIT website. We reserve the right to prevent the distribution as well as the right to require you to cease distributin these MCIT Info feeds at any time for any reason. Please read our Privacy Statement for further instructions.

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