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Academy Support Center

The Academy Support Center (ASC) plays a significant role in the development and sustainability of Cisco Networking Academies. It selects and accredits academies and teachers from training centers in universities, associations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government institutions, and non-profit organizations, and helps them meet the quality requirements to provide the Cisco Networking Academy curriculum through:

- Supporting academies and instructors and applying the required quality standards
- Following-up on accredited academies and their instructors
- Driving growth in academies

Through this accreditation and partnership, the trainers are selected and accredited to provide training courses through the national network of e-learning centers affiliated to the Center. The training centers nominate at least three trainers and send their CVs to attend the training of trainers (ToT) course on the information technology (IT) essentials and Cisco Networking Academy’s Learning System Management (LMS).

- Get Connected

- Introduction to Cyber Security

- Introduction to the Internet of Things

- IT Essentials

Who Can Apply
 - Trainers at training centers in universities, government institutions, non-profit organizations, associations and civil institutions
 - Trainers in IT training with at least two years of experience in providing training programs similar to the training courses of the Cisco Networking Academy
 - Graduates of engineering or information technology colleges, or higher degree graduates with specialized certificates in IT are preferable
 - Passing the test and conducting an online interview are prerequisites for admission to ToT

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