Ministry of Communications and Information Technology


Youth Enablement for Freelancing

MCIT has launched the “Youth Enablement for Freelancing” initiative, with the aim to train 20,000 young people, nationwide, on freelancing skills, through e-platforms. This is achieved in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, through the integrated community centers that MCIT has technologically developed, with Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) making 10% of the trainees.

The initiative provides a two-month online training. The training includes providing general life skills, such as communication and leadership, and providing guidance on the selection of the specialized training areas. This is in addition to providing specialized professional training through two tracks, the first of which is technical, such as computer networks, programming, operating systems and cybersecurity. The second entails technical training in digital marketing, graphic design, mobile application, website development, and Microsoft office professional.

Training concludes with explaining how to find a decent job opportunity through freelancing platforms. The initiative contributes to building the capacities and skills of young people in various fields that help them find job opportunities through digital platforms.

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