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NTI-NSB Initiative
The National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) and Nasser Social Bank (NSB) are co-implementing an initiative to support young people through soft loans to purchase laptops. The Initiative reflects MCIT keenness to make necessary training tools available to young people and help qualify them for the job market.

The initiative offers financial support of up to EGP 30,000 at an interest rate of 5%, with no administrative costs. Beneficiaries pay off the installment loan starting from the month following the receipt of the support and for three years.
To receive the loan, applicants must send an email to, with a copy of the following documents attached:

- An official letter from an MCIT-affiliated training agency as proof of the applicant’s enrollment in one of its programs. Only NTI learners are exempted from this condition; they only have to mention the name of the NTI program
- A price quotation for a laptop, not exceeding EGP 30,000
- A copy of the National ID card

After the e-copy of the required documents is verified, the applicant is asked to submit the original at NTI premises in Smart Village. The applicant then receives a letter addressed to NSB to start the loan process. NSB will handle the necessary banking procedures and issue a letter addressing the agreed-upon vendor, stating the Bank’s approval of the delivery of the laptop to the applicant, with NSB committing to paying the cost. Having received the laptop, the applicant commits to be in contact with NTI for the installment of the necessary e-learning tools and software on the laptop.

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