Human Development

One of the key pillars of MCIT strategy for building “ Digital Egypt” is developing human capacity, namely “building the Egyptian citizen.” To put this into effect, MCIT is continuously carrying out different programs and initiatives that target expanding Egypt’s skill pool and experiences, within the various specializations of the ICT industry, developing young Egyptians to be ready for the future and the digital transformation era, and carry the mission of building a digital society.

ICT Training

Within the framework of building the Egyptian citizen, which is a key pillar in the Digital Egypt vision, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and its affiliated organizations continuously offer a wide range of training programs, courses and diplomas, in different ICT specializations.

The ICT training, as an element of paramount significance in building Digital Egypt, aims to create and broaden an Egyptian skill pool, including students, graduates, employees and freelancers, as well as Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). Training also aims to boost the local ICT industry, revive the local market and provide it with outstanding human calibers, and implant and adopt modern technologies, which contributes to achieving the transition to a digital, data-driven and smart society.

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