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Collaborative Funded Projects
Information Technology Academia Collaboration (ITAC), an ITIDA initiative, developed the Collaborative Funded Projects (CFP) program to promote university-industry collaboration.

ITAC subsidizes these three CFP categories to build an innovative knowledge economy:
-    Product Development Projects (PDP)
-    Advanced Research Projects (ARP)
-    Preliminary Research Projects (PRP)

CFP aims to turn a product concept, through proof-of-concept and prototyping stages, into a complete product ready to hit the market. Starting-points and endpoints are:

Proof-of-concept is a solid work owned by the applicant.
Prototype is a working, but not necessarily complete, product.
Final product should satisfy all commercial specs and should be ready to go to market by the end of PDP.

CFPs are built to:
1) Develop research potential at universities,
2) Create innovative products at companies,
3) Bring research together with industry, and
4) Contribute to boosting the national income.

For more details and eligibility criteria, go to ITIDA/ITAC CFPs.

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