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Business Environment
A strong economy, high consumer spending, and a large workforce have helped sustain Egypt's strong fundamentals, thus supporting a dynamic business atmosphere. The development of Egypt’s ICT sector is supported by joint efforts to build a knowledge-based economy.

Ease of Doing Business
In 2022, the Egyptian government launched a website where potential investors can apply for a “golden license”. Investors, through the License, can obtain approval to buy or rent land and operate projects without having to secure prior approval from multiple government bodies.

ICT is among the areas granted Comprehensive Approval. It covers the design/manufacturing of solar cells and renewable energy conversion systems; the design/manufacturing of semiconductors, silicon wafers, and ICs; the manufacturing/production of LED chips; and the manufacturing of LCD open cells.

For more information, kindly check the Golden License Guidebook.

Intellectual Property Rights
The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Office of ITIDA acts as a central point, enabler, and mentor. It works to address the IP issues that face the private sector. The Office develops the aggregated info with meticulous detail into policies, curricula, initiatives, awareness campaigns, and legislative amendments. It educates Egyptian judges, prosecutors, criminal investigators, and police officers on IPR topics.

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