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Egypt Makes Electronics
One of the ICT sector’s milestones in Egypt is Egypt Makes Electronics (EME) initiative. It is a presidential initiative launched to position the electronics industry as one of the key props for growth in the Egyptian economy.

It is schemed as a main contributor to

(a) Double the Egyptian exports,
(b) Reduce imports of electronic and electrical appliances to the local market, and
(c) Provide hundreds of thousands of jobs for researchers, engineers, skilled technicians and workers.

EME initiative focuses on two main scopes. The first is the superior design and production of electronic circuits and systems with high added-value and backed with a high level of tech support. The second is creating labor-intensive electronics manufacturing industry.

The initiative has multiple programs that fall under “innovation/RnD”, “skill and capacity building”, “business development”, “industry 4.0 and digital transformation”, and “electronic investment” in Egypt.

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