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Intellectual Property Rights

One of MCIT priorities is to support the development of software industry, while increasing social awareness of intellectual property issues. Part of this objective includes reforming the Copyright Law, and passing a new law on protecting Intellectual Property Rights in June 2002.

The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Office, within ITIDA premises, was established to reinforce these changes and administer a national copyright system. Since its inauguration, there has been an increase in the number of seminars, workshops, and training sessions carried out, signifying a shift in the general approach of dealing with intellectual property in Egypt.

The Office guarantees efficient protection to IPR and administers the deposit of computer programs and databases, providing licenses for the legal-reproduction and translation, for educational purposes.

It also works with different bodies concerned with intellectual property rights at both national and global levels, and is committed to raising awareness and understanding of intellectual property rights among the software community and general public.

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