The world is witnessing a revolution in information and communications technology (ICT), the scope of which stretches far beyond the realm of the sector itself. No country seeking real, sustainable development and progress can hope to achieve these aims without a strong ICT sector in place to drive the necessary change.


The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) was established in 1999 to develop the national ICT sector. MCIT strives to achieve the digital economy through the use of ICT tools to provide prosperity, freedom and social equity for all. Its mission is to enable the development of a knowledge-based society and a strong digital economy relying on equitable and affordable access to knowledge; digital rights; and the development of a competitive, innovative national ICT industry.

The new Egypt will possess a competitive, balanced and diversified economy, dependent on innovation and knowledge and based on justice, social integrity and participation. It will be characterized by a balanced and diversified ecological collaboration system, investing the ingenuity of place and humans to achieve sustainable development and to improve Egyptians' life quality.

The dimensions of the sustainable development strategy comprise three dimensions including the economic dimension which highlights economic development, transparency and efficiency of governmental institutions, energy and knowledge. The social dimension highlights education and training, health, culture and social justice; while the environmental dimension focuses on environment and urban development.

ICT 2030 strategy contributes to achieving the objectives of Egypt's vision 2030, through building Digital Egypt. These objectives entail developing the ICT infrastructure; fostering digital inclusion; achieving the transition to a knowledge-based economy; building capacities and encouraging innovation; fighting corruption; ensuring cybersecurity; and promoting Egypt's position at the regional and international levels.

Digital Egypt is an all-encompassing vision and plan, which lays the foundations for the transformation of Egypt into a digital society. "Digital Egypt" strategy is built on three main planks, including Digital Transformation, Digital Skills and Jobs and Digital Innovation. These three pillars are standing on two extremely important bases: Digital Infrastructure and Legislative Framework.

20 July 2020

An interview with the ICT Minister Amr Talaat on Extra News channel, where he talked about the project of building Digital Egypt, which all the State institutions and bodies cooperate to implement, in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).

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