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ibTIECar Metaverse at CREATIVA
ibTIECar Metaverse is an online hackathon organized in 10 different governorates. These include seven governorates where Creativa Innovation Hubs are located within national universities, including universities of Mansoura, Menofia, Minia, Sohag, South Valley, Aswan, and Suez Canal, in addition to three governorates hosting Egypt Makes Electronics (EME) Labs: Cairo, Alexandria, and Assiut.

The hackathon focuses on using technologies that contribute to the development of the Metaverse, including technologies used to build apps and solutions directly [GameFi, SocialFi, Non-Fungible Token (NFT), DAO, DAC, and GPT) or indirect contribution applications (any product or service based on emerging technologies, with direct use in enhancing the Metaverse experience).

ibTIECar Metaverse is open to university students, graduates, faculty members, and researchers in ICT-related faculties, in addition to entrepreneurs specializing in the ICT field.


-    Inspire young Egyptians to create innovative solutions by employing Metaverse apps
-    Enhance the role of national universities as a hub for creativity and innovation-based entrepreneurship
-    Promote innovation and entrepreneurship
-    Contribute to accelerating digital transformation

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