International Relations

Egypt has made great strides at the regional and international levels in the ICT sector, and has made many contributions in this sector as well. Egypt has, also, achieved remarkable success in implementing the initiatives it has launched, built on the approach it adopts in promoting international relations.

The International Relations sector at Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is one of the key pillars of pushing forward the development and growth of the ICT sector in Egypt. It has contributed to creating partnerships with all concerned parties regionally and internationally in a bid to maximize Egypt's role on the global level.

It has also facilitated an enabling environment for the sector's growth, making use of and contributing to setting international strategies for the Information Society. 

Moreover, the International Relations sector has been playing an extremely important role in initiating and putting into force cooperation with the concerned parties operating in ICT on the national, regional and international levels.

The aspired international cooperation could have never been realized without the availability of the required collaboration among all decision-making bodies.

This could be accomplished through a vast number of initiatives in the areas of political planning and practical application. In this respect, MCIT continues to adopt the same approach of constructive cooperation with several concerned parties on the national, regional and international levels and with several countries, institutions and organizations around the world.

  • Bilateral Cooperation
  • Multilateral Cooperation

Bilateral relations are one of the most significant means of international cooperation. In light of the economic openness and free trade exchange, no country can do without cooperating with other countries, as acting alone will impede a country’s progress and advancement for achieving sustainable development. Balanced bilateral relations, however, help reach many advantages and opportunities at political, economic and developmental levels.

The Egyptian ICT sector is by nature a dynamic ever-changing sector. In light of the remarkable developments occurring in the sector, which has become a major driver of the national economy given its huge contribution to the GDP; bilateral relations have become a key pillar for bringing about the desired progress. This helps open areas of bilateral cooperation between Egypt and technologically-advanced countries, as well as less developed countries, and in both cases, competitive advantages that serve the Egyptian ICT sector strategy are acquired.

Bilateral relations, in addition, provide opportunities for exchanging experiences, transferring knowledge, attracting foreign investments and creating job opportunities for youth, hence establishing successful partnerships that achieve mutual benefit, whether at the public or private level, thus helping enhance Egypt's position, regionally and internationally.

The Egyptian ICT sector strives to enrich balanced bilateral relations with various Arab, African, European, Asian and American countries, in line with the Egyptian foreign policy vision and approach, in a manner that serves the Egyptian national interest.

In this regard, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) exploits all available tools and mechanisms to boost bilateral cooperation, through signing bilateral agreements and memoranda of understanding, holding bilateral meetings at various levels, forming joint committees, and establishing partnerships between the private sector, government agencies and academic institutions.

Information and communications technologies are becoming the main asset and pillar of the 21st century economy and society. They are also the subject of international competitions and conflicts in some cases, while being the pre-requisite for sustainable development. Therefore, Egypt is highly engaged in the multilateral arena where ICT policies, projects, treaties and standards are debated and developed.

The multilateral scene includes on the horizontal level a number of highly reputed regional organizations whether on the Arab or African levels, in which the Egyptian ICT sector is well represented. On the vertical level, and in terms of specialized organizations, Egypt is integrated in UN agencies and entities, in addition to its presence in specialized non-UN organizations and trade organizations.

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