Bilateral Cooperation

Egypt’s ICT sector has quickly grown into a major driver of the national economy, attracting interest and investment from around the world. Egypt’s experience and competitive edge in ICT have also allowed the country to contribute to the setting of ICT-related policies regionally and internationally, and to enrich its relations in the international arena.

In the Arab region, Egypt views cooperation in the field of ICT as a means to support and expand Arab economies. Of particular importance is the coordination of Arab views on ICT-related issues of global concern.

In Africa, Egypt aims to boost development through efforts to integrate ICT across various sectors and by providing expertise and training to build infrastructure and human capacity.

Cooperation with African partners also opens markets to Egyptian companies, many of which have considerable experience in large-scale infrastructure projects.

In Europe, Egypt aspires to build on the success of previous collaboration by strengthening existing partnerships and initiating new ones. Of particular interest are the countries of eastern Europe with fledgling ICT markets.

And in Asia, the home to some of the most advanced and competitive ICT markets, Egypt seeks to strengthen ties covering all fields of ICT with a view to gaining further insight into Asian expertise and development models, encouraging Asian investment in the Egyptian ICT market, and paving the way for Egyptian companies to invest in developing Asian countries.

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