Bilateral Cooperation

African Bilateral Cooperation

As remarkable as Egypt’s geographical parameters, the global efforts of its ICT sector are.

Egypt lies between developed and African countries, serving as a hub for expertise and experience transfer, from northern to southern Africa.

The African region is one of the major sections in the Egyptian foreign policy, as Egypt is closely related to Africa, culturally, historically, geographically and economically, reflecting the special Egyptian-African relations and interests, in general.

Africa is at the top of Egypt's partners, not only for the historical and geographic connections that brings the two sides together, but also for their partnership in opportunities and challenges.

Moreover, Africa is a young continent as young people make up 65% of its population, which makes it one of the few destinations that can achieve sky-high growth rates. The Continent, in addition, is a giant market full of promising opportunities.

For its part, MCIT plays a pivotal role in strengthening the bilateral Egyptian-African ties through several channels. This includes signing memoranda of understanding, participating in high-level joint committees and ministerial visits, exchanging experiences, sharing success stories, and participating in development projects with African countries. This is in addition to inviting African countries to join MCIT various initiatives that target training and encouraging young people to innovate and develop, as well as the initiatives in digital transformation and those for empowering Persons with Disabilities (PwDs).

MCIT still aspires to boost bilateral cooperation through different mechanisms.

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