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Bilateral Cooperation

Arab Bilateral Cooperation

Egypt is an integral part of the Arab World. Given the common historical, geographical, cultural, lingual and religious elements, Egypt and the Arab countries share the same fate, having political and ideological ties that created a network of mutual interests and issues. In addition, Egypt has had great and influential relations in the Arab world; it plays a significant cultural, media and political role in the region.

In modern times, the ICT sector acts as one of the advanced tools and mechanisms for boosting Egyptian-Arab relations. The Sector also represents a golden opportunity for Arab countries, if properly exploited and employed for achieving sustainable development.

The Arab region is very dynamic. It includes countries in different stages of development, and possesses abundant resources of human capital and manpower.

Since the inception of the ICT sector, Egypt has realized the importance of productive cooperation with development partners in the Arab region, based on actual partnerships that help achieve tangible bilateral results and a comprehensive Arab renaissance in this field.

For this, Egypt was keen to exchange experiences with Arab countries in ICT areas, including infrastructure, policy-making, legislation, capacity building and others. Egypt has also worked on attracting Arab investments through bilateral or trilateral projects, let alone transferring the Egyptian expertise in advancing the ICT sector to less-developed Arab countries and those going through a reform phase with a need to restructure the ICT sector.

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