Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

International/Specialized Organizations

Egypt is a member of a number of specialized international organizations, concerned with ICT or with issues related to ICTs. Among those organizations are policy and business oriented organizations, or specialized ones.

Egypt’s involvement in international organizations and initiatives in ICT – which includes holding positions of responsibility, hosting events, leading groups and engaging in joint activities, studies or events– enables it to grasp the international scene, to discuss and influence decisions that shape international telecommunication policies, to focus international attention on the achievements and potential of the Egyptian ICT sector, and to keep abreast of international standards.

Among such organizations, the EU has a special status by virtue of the historical ties with Egypt in different domains, which are now highly influenced by the digital transformation. The OECD on the other hand, offers Egyptian expertise the opportunity to engage in significant discussions, studies and policies with leading economies across the globe to name some examples.


Founded in 1998, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for coordinating the maintenance and methodologies of several databases, with unique identifiers, related to the namespaces of the Internet-and thereby, ensuring the network's stable and secure operation.

Egypt is an active member in ICANN, being a member in the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC), affiliated to ICANN.

Egyptian expert and senior official Manal Ismail has been elected as chair of the government advisory committee of ICANN for the second time.

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