23 Jun 2022
How Egypt Became Digital Transformation Hub

For eight years, Egypt has been transforming into a launchpad for digital transformation. The country is adopting a multi-pillar approach that involves building a robust ICT infrastructure, modernizing postal services, digitizing government services, and upgrading the information infrastructure at state agencies. In addition, Egypt is prioritizing capacity-building, raising awareness of digital citizenship, boosting the IT industry, promoting innovation, and enhancing international cooperation.

21 Jun 2022
Egypt Intensifies Efforts toward Digital Transformation

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is fixated on building Digital Egypt and creating a paperless society. MCIT efforts to fulfill such goal include upgrading the ICT infrastructure and digitizing government services to facilitate citizens’ access to high-quality services and optimize government performance in the state administrative apparatus.

19 Jun 2022
Promoting Community Integration to Achieve Sustainable Development

Community integration is vitally important to the overall wellbeing of a community. Therefore, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) seeks to promote community integration, to help provide equal access to education, employment, healthcare and others. Through implementing development projects, to empower citizens, MCIT endeavors to advance services in education, healthcare and small businesses through the use of ICTs.

16 Jun 2022
Egypt Post Continues to Expand Financial Services Offering

Egypt Post’s experience in postal financial services dates back more than 120 years. The postal operator offered its first savings account through the post office in 1901. Since then, Egypt Post’s financial service offerings have grown significantly. They are now offered at 4,200 post offices, 2,000 ATMs, and 100 mobile post offices.

08 Jun 2022
Stay Safe on Social Media

Digital security is essential for protecting people from the risks associated with the Internet and online social networking. It is significant to promote online safety, raise awareness of cyber security, and educate citizens on the need to practice caution when using social networks.

26 May 2022
Egypt Ranks 4th on Economist Global Normalcy Index

Egypt has ranked fourth on Economist’s Global Normalcy Index, which tracks the global return to pre-pandemic life in 50 countries. Egypt came as one of the countries that showed resilience against the repercussions and challenges imposed by the pandemic, according to the Index.

22 May 2022
Gov’t Relocation to New Administrative Capital Reinforces DX Efforts

Egypt works relentlessly to relocate government agencies to New Administrative Capital, reinforcing the efforts made to achieve the transition to a digital economy. According to reports, Egypt is one of the first countries in MENA to adopt the e-invoice system. This reflects the national efforts of rendering e-services, making e-payment solutions available, and boosting e-commerce, all as part of Egypt's Vision 2030.

08 May 2022
Investments in Egypt FinTech Sector Soar 300% in 12 Months

FinTech in Egypt has seen massive gains in the past five years, accelerating at a rapid pace. Investments in the FinTech sector soared by more than 300% during the last 12 months, pointing toward the strong development and expansions of FinTech and FinTech-enable startups.

02 May 2022
Egypt among Most Tech Advanced Countries in Africa in 2022

Egypt came among the ten most technologically advanced countries in Africa in 2022. The country is regarded as the cradle of world civilization and has always been associated with inventions. Having some of Africa’s best institutions and conducting high-level scientific research, Egypt has widely adopted the use of technology in all of its industries.

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