18 May 2023
New Wave of Tech Startups Drives Development in Africa

The African tech sector has recently become one of the fastest-growing tech ecosystems worldwide. A new wave of African tech startups has emerged, increasingly driving leapfrog development through locally adapted digital technologies. The funding increase for startups reflects the growing dynamism of Africa’s tech ecosystem, with Africa's “big four,” Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria, attracting the most startup funding.

18 May 2023
How Egypt Became Global BPO Hub

On its journey to becoming a prime outsourcing location, Egypt has excelled in three things: talent, capabilities, and cost-effectiveness. The country has a large talent base that not only is scalable, but also affordable and multilingual, which makes Egypt one of few multilingual outsourcing hubs in the world.

16 May 2023
Egypt on Road to Successful Digital Transformation

Egypt is taking concrete steps towards a comprehensive digital transformation across all state sectors, in line with its Vision 2030. The country's efforts paid off when the ICT sector hit a growth rate of 16.7% in FY 2021/2022, owing to the infrastructure development projects co-implemented by MCIT and different sectors at more than 50 billion EGP.

09 May 2023
Knowledge City: New Era of Civilization

The New Administrative Capital’s Knowledge City is laying the groundwork for a new era of civilization. It is the epitome of a civilized, human-centric environment, where innovation is the main component of life. The City houses offices of tech giants, R&D centers, training academies, and smart factories, in addition to Egypt University of Informatics (EUI), a national joint project between MCIT and the Ministry of Higher Education.

07 May 2023
Future of Payments: Carving Digital Path in Egypt

In Egypt, digital payments are booming. Egyptians are adopting different payment options and discovering more of the digital economy’s benefits. According to MasterCard’s New Payment Index (NPI), 88% of Egyptian consumers have used at least one emerging payment method in 2021.

04 May 2023
DX in Egypt in Light of ICT 2030 Strategy

Egypt has been undergoing a major digital transition. The country is investing heavily in developing the ICT infrastructure, promoting digital literacy, building capacity, and fostering innovation, all to boost the national economy, improve the quality of public services, and achieve digital inclusion.

01 May 2023
Cultivating Future Techies with DECI

Aiming to shape young enlightened talents, well-versed in modern technology specializations, Digital Egypt Cubs Initiative (DECI) has been launched by MCIT as a scholarship to top-performing students at Egyptian schools in IT areas. DECI is seen as a major contributor to building Digital Egypt, realizing the National AI Strategy, and transforming Egypt into an outsourcing hub of tech-competent labor force.

26 Apr 2023
How Is Telecom Industry Keeping it Green?

The telecommunications industry is extremely important for society; it underpins digitalization and is vital in driving sustainable transition. Given the increasing reliance on telcos, the continued growth of the sector is imperative, but this growth must occur in a green and ethical way. As a result, many telcos have begun embedding environmental and social responsibility into their business strategy, operations and innovation.

19 Apr 2023
What You Need to Know about Egypt Telecom Law

The Egyptian Telecommunication Regulatory Law No. 10 of 2003 has been enacted to regulate the telecommunications network and services. It ensures the proper use of radio spectrum, regulates telecommunications services nationwide, and guarantees compliance with international agreements in force and the resolutions issued by international and regional organizations.

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