04 May 2021
UNDP Egypt Launches Accelerator Lab

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Egypt Accelerator Lab is part of a global network of 91 accelerators across 115 countries. The Lab serves as a platform for innovation, and for decision-makers and development partners to explore and experiment solutions that can address global challenges. The articles highlights the newly-launched accelerator lab.

18 Apr 2021
Egypt Launches ‘Safe Disposal of e-Waste’ Campaign

The Ministry of Environment has launched a national campaign titled “Safe Disposal of Electronic Waste” under E-Tadweer, Egypt’s first mobile application for managing e-waste. The application provides a system for collecting e-waste from people in exchange for discount vouchers. The article highlights the Egyptian efforts in promoting the safe disposal of e-waste.

14 Apr 2021
What Egyptian Universities Do to Foster Entrepreneurship

University entrepreneurship programs in Egypt are growing and producing more startups. Programs in Cairo have supported at least 600 startups, while in other governorates, university incubators have emerged, with some universities teaching entrepreneurship as an academic discipline. The article takes a look at how local university programs are driving entrepreneurship in Egypt.

12 Apr 2021
Egypt Launches ‘One Million Entrepreneurs’ Campaign

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development has launched a campaign titled “One Million Entrepreneurs,” targeting young Egyptians at different ages. The online program will offer training programs in entrepreneurship, in Arabic and English. The article sheds light on the newly-launched entrepreneurship campaign.

01 Apr 2021
Retinal Implants Can Give Artificial Vision to Blind

A group of researchers, scientists and engineers from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have been developing a retinal implant that works with camera-equipped smart glasses and a microcomputer, to give blind people a form of artificial vision by using electrodes to stimulate their retinal cells. The article sheds light on this groundbreaking scientific achievement.

25 Mar 2021
Egypt Part of Trio Leading e-Commerce Growth in MENA

Egypt’s efforts and achievements in the ICT sector and the e-commerce industry has positioned the country as an e-commerce leader in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region, along with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia, with the three countries accounting for 80% of the e-commerce market in the region. The article sheds light on Egypt’s accomplishments in this field.

20 Mar 2021
Ways How Big Data Can Be Beneficial for Growth of Businesses

Big data is critical for several reputed companies to outpace the competition. It helps established competitors and new entrants in several industries to compete, obtain and innovate. The article highlights the role of big data in helping business organizations realize their various objectives.

17 Mar 2021
Egypt AI Future

The Egyptian government has been working to spark the growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through initiatives aimed at fostering Research and Development (R&D) nationwide. In this march towards an AI- and robotics-powered Egyptian society, an aggressive public goal was set by the government of 7.7% of the Egyptian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to be derived from AI and robotics by 2030. The article discusses the future of AI in Egypt.

15 Mar 2021
Google, OII Launch ‘Making Sense of AI’ Platform

Google, in collaboration with Oxford Internet Institute (OII), have launched Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, in different languages, including English, Arabic and others. This is an A-Z guide offering a series of simple, bite-sized explainers to help anyone understand what AI is, how it works and how it is changing the world around us.

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