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21 October 2010
Versatility of Products and Solutions of Egyptian Companies Showcasing in Gitex Attracts Exhibition Visits

Specialists Discuss Topics Concerning the World IT Community

The 3rd day of GITEX Dubai Exhibition and Conference 2010 witnessed many events and an increasing number of visitors where topics preoccupying the world IT circles were discussed. Visitors discussed issues related to cloud computing and environment-friendly technology among other issues and topics of interest to specialists, service providers and customers.

Despite the fact that signs of recovery from the world financial crisis are still in their initial stages, it is evident that in the first 3 days of the exhibition specialization was a predominating factor most of the visitors looking for technology products and solutions which may decrease the cost of business management and rev up quality and productivity.

On the 3rd day, the Egyptian Pavilion witnessed huge commotion which reflects the versatility of products and services of companies showcasing under the pavilion. Among these is CompuMedical Company which is participating in GITEX Dubai as a company specialized in bilingual (English/Arabic) software development for the first time. The company is seeking to expand horizontally in software industry and vertically in the health sector enabling decision makers in these sectors to make informed decisions through information systems and databases which help deal correctly and simply with many statistics, medical, financial, and statistical reports bilingually (Arabic/English).

CompuMedical developed many systems targeting the health sector and managed, on account of its speedy growth and its role in increasing awareness of the importance of databases and systems automation in Egypt, to become the first company whose programs are approved by many official bodies including the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University and Rx Cane Pharmacy Management. The long-standing success of CompuMedical was why it mainly adopted a policy of deployment outside Egypt and appointed distributors in KSA (the Eastern Region), Kuwait (Kuwait), UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), and Jordan (Amman).

It is worth mentioning that the company employees 30 specialists whose total years of technical experience in the field of medical information systems amounts to 40 years.

Among the programming systems and solutions provided by the company is HMIS for managing hospitals information systems, LIS (labs information systems), RIS (Radiology Information Systems), POS (point-of-sale information systems), MCIS (Medical Centers Information Systems), PHIS (Pharmacy Information System), and CIS (Clinics Information Systems).

For the first time, e-Localize takes part in the exhibition. Since 2000, e-Localize provides translation and localization services for the Middle East region with all the specialized experience it enjoys in IT, communications, software, websites, mobile phones, vehicles, and economic and medical translation.

The services provided by the company include translation and localization of all sorts of documents including printouts, corporate marketing material, websites, software, and mobile phones.

Also participating for the first time in GITEX Dubai Exhibition and Conference is IT Valley sponsored by the authority. The company provides its products and services in Egypt and other Arab countries and works with both the public and private sectors for 7 years. 60 employees are operating the company's branch in Egypt and providing a huge range of support and development services for computer software and hardware for companies like Oracle and IBM.

NileIT is another company showcasing in the exhibition for the first time and sponsored by the authority. NileIT is specialized in banking and financial solutions for the stock market and provides e-solutions covering a huge range of the stock market activities and processes. Moreover, the company established its first service office for The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) providing services for more than 70 national and international financial institutions. In addition, the company also offers internet and networks security certification solutions using PKI technology for communication and management of security certification which is necessary for global electronic commerce. NileIT stores its applications and services in a certified data center awarded the ISO27001 certificate which makes for a safe environment for its customers.

Softech International Co. is among first-timers in GITEX Dubai showcasing under the sponsorship of the authority. Softech International Co. is a services and software development company servicing clients all over the world with branches in the Middle East, Europe through a range of software-as-a-Service products and 3 cross-border services namely; service software solutions for companies, Softech air navigation solutions, and software development services. During the exhibition, Softech International Co. entered into an agreement with Aptech to deploy its vehicle fleet management product.

Technivance is participating for the first time in GITEX Exhibition and Conference. The company is specialized in software development and provision of IT solutions and enjoys a wide experience in terms of building and designing web-based software using open source technology. In addition, the company is run by young graduates of MIT along with a team of talented software engineers.

Products and services of the company include custom built software solutions and consultations in the fields of IT, e-commerce, and online shopping.

For the 2nd time in GITEX Dubai Exhibition, Advac Systems Ltd. participates under the sponsorship of the authority. Advac Systems Ltd. was established in 1981, has 3 local branches and 7 international franchises, and services more than 2500 clients using its programs. The company is specialized in accounting systems and resource management systems (ERP) and is a certified supplier to the USAID and Gtz. Moreover, it is also a member of the Federation of Egyptian Exporters (ExpoLink), an approved supplier to the industry modernization centers (IMC), and a winner of the software production quality certificate (SPI). Advac Systems Ltd. is known for its versatile software servicing different institutions and for its specialization in applications automation including automated programs system for the management of industrial plants, hospital management systems, and Advac Easy - Direct Accounting System.

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