Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
30 August 2018
IOI 2018 to hold in Japan

The International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) 2018 will be held during September 1-8, in Tsukuba, Japan. IOI is an annual international informatics competition for individual contestants from various invited countries, accompanied by social and cultural programs.

The IOI is one of the five international science Olympiads and is one of the most prestigious computer science competitions in the world. The number of participating countries has continuously increased, with more than 900 participants and 85 countries attending this year for the IOI2018 in Japan.

During the competition, students have to solve problems of algorithmic nature and computer programing. IOI aims at stimulating interest in informatics and information technology among young generations, as well as bringing together talented students from various countries to share scientific and cultural experiences.

Contestants have to show basic IT skills like problem analysis, designing algorithms and data structures, programming and testing. The idea of the competition was first introduced during the 24th General Conference of UNESCO in Paris by the Bulgarian Delegate Professor Bojidar Sendov in October 1987. In 1989, the first IOI was held in Bulgaria to become an event hosted every year by a different country.
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