4 August 2011
Minister of ICT Announces MCIT Strategy for the Next 6 Months

In a press conference held on Wednesday 3rd of August, minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohamed Salem announced the ministry strategy for the next 6-months term.

The strategy, which covers the period till January 2012, is mostly dedicated and harmonized to the Egyptian uprising upshots.

According to the strategy, the ministry will work on specifying and activating the role of ICT and databases in the Parliamentary and Presidential elections, as well as the participation of the Egyptian citizens abroad.

The ministry will accomplish laws amendments in connection with the ICT sector, such as the Communications Law and those related to information circulation, data privacy, cyber crimes and e-commerce.

A Technology Path for Egyptian Youth initiative will be launched to reinforce the role of the Ministry in relation to empowering the youth, creating job opportunities through a number of programs targeting them in various sectors.

MCIT, according to the new strategy, will launch a program to support and empower the revolution casualties and martyrs’ families, as well as the people with special needs using ICT, in the context of supporting victims of the Revolution and people with special needs.

As for developing local SMEs in the field of ICT, the ministry will launch a support and development program for SMEs through the program of micro credits for companies, exchange and marketing projects, creating job opportunities and attracting investments.

Stressing "Access for All" pillar, MCIT will underline a program to make ICT tools accessible to all through the improvement of the ICT infrastructure, increasing the number of IT clubs in marginalized areas, especially North Sinai and Al- Nouba.

Concerning the broadband, the ministry will develop ICT infrastructure, and will activate the broadband strategy to be announced next October.

As for increasing productivity, efficiency of governmental bodies, MCIT will support the IT infrastructure, providing tools for productivity, communication with the society and individuals.

The Egyptian National Post Organization will provide new societal services for Egyptian citizens through automating the traditional saving services and pensions, and developing the working system at the ENPO.

As for cooperation with Nile Basin countries, MCIT will build channels through the program of technical support in order to build up the knowledge society and maximize the benefits from the cumulative national ICT expertise in favor of the Nile Basin countries.

According to the 6-month term strategy, MCIT will work on reinforcing Egypt’s position in information technology, pursuing the significant role of Egypt in ICT and internet policies on the Arab, African and international levels in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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