Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
24 August 2011
ITIDA Invites ICT Companies to Register and Update Their Data

Reinforcing ongoing contact with all Egyptian ICT companies and in the purpose of serving the largest possible number of companies, ITIDA invites ICT companies to register in the ICT companies’ database on ITIDA’s website.

ITIDA also draws attention of the companies registered in ICT companies’ database to update and complete their data every 3 months maximum. This is in view of the importance of such step in the evaluation and selection process of the participating companies in ITIDA’s program.

These programs require specific criteria for selection. Therefore, the failure to agree with one of these criteria will exclude the company from participating in the program.

This is the reason why ITIDA is keen to regularly call the largest possible number of ICT companies through ITIDA’s call canter on 16CIT (or the short code: 16248) to provide these companies with the necessary support in registering and updating their information in the database.

Moreover, ITIDA makes sure to communicate with the companies already registered in the ICT companies’ database to present the activities and initiatives provided by ITIDA to the industry community, in order to encourage the companies to update and complete their data.

Encouraging the companies to register and update companies’ database is in the purpose of expanding the beneficiary groups not only from ITIDA’s supportive programs and services to the industry community, but also from the Ministry’s and its affiliates’ services.

According to the statistics of the current ITIDA’s database, 1441 companies signed up in the database. 849 of them were approved as they were able to complete their data while 566 companies should fulfill their data in order to be approved.

The data also indicates that a large number of companies which were approved in the ICT database benefited from ITIDA’s development services and programs. 320 of ICT companies signed up in “Grow IT” program. This program aims to raise the Egyptian IT companies’ competitiveness both on the local and international levels, through a direct registration mechanism offered by ITIDA’s website.

More companies have been taking advantage of the agency’s programs. 159 companies signed up to join “Export IT” program 2010, while 168 companies registered in ‘Export IT” program 2011 till now.

Furthermore, 214 companies applied for ITIDA/SFD “Social Fund Development” partnership program. The partnership program offers small and medium ICT businesses concessionary loans with low interest rate. This is to help the companies expand and overcome the current economic hurdles.

During his meeting with Eitesal and the ICT companies, His Excellency, the minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohamed Salem, asked the Information Technology Industry Development Agency to continue to update the ICT companies’ database.

In the same context, ITIDA’s CEO, Mr. Yasser El-Kady considers the ICT companies’ database as a cornerstone in the support and development process of the ICT sector.

He explained that such database is the main source of information and accurate data related to the concerned companies.

Therefore, Mr. El-Kady calls all the companies in the ICT sector to register in ITIDA’s database, in order to benefit from the services and development programs provided by the agency.

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