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2 November 2011
GITEX Dubai 2011: 13 Companies Out of 77 Expect Deals Worth L.E 27 Million

Within the framework of ITIDA’s keenness to follow-up and evaluate the activities of the Egyptian companies that have recently participated in the Exhibition and Conference “GITEX Dubai 2011”, about 13 companies said they expect deals that could hit $ 4.5 million (about L.E 27 million) at least, after a successful participation which is considered as the largest of its kind in the history of Egyptian participation in GITEX Dubai.

In statements sent to the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), the companies stressed that the number of clients who flocked to the Egyptian Pavilion reached 1325 including 480 potential clients who can be turned into real clients after the follow-up process and the talks between the Egyptian companies and clients by the end of the event.

Moreover, 13 companies out of 77 that participated in the exhibition announced- through the forms of evaluating the exhibition- they expect the volume of deals will come after discussions with potential clients as well as the fruitful meetings which held with these clients who showed considerable interest in the companies’ products and technological solutions.

The companies, also, anticipate deals and contracts which will increase because of participating in the exhibition especially that ITIDA is waiting for the data of evaluating the exhibition which shows the participation of more than another 50 Egyptian companies in the exhibition.

It should be noted that, four companies confirmed that they had, already, concluded contracts and partnerships of approximately $ 600,000 (about L.E 3,600,000).

Furthermore, a number of Egyptian companies indicated that their talks with potential clients reached, almost,  a final stages, however; the details of the agreements will not be announced, but only after finalizing the agreement according to the need of the companies involved in the discussions.

In this context, a survey conducted among the Egyptian companies which participated in GITEX Dubai concerning the services that ITIDA offered this year gave 86% for the services quality, 64% for the design of the Egyptian pavilion, 60% for the pavilion’s site and the types of visitors got 67%.

Concerning the overall assessment of the companies in GITEX 2011, 7% of the companies which have full satisfaction about the exhibition and it evaluated the event as “excellent”, while 80% of the companies evaluated the exhibition between “good” and “very good”. The Egyptian companies did not asses or describe the exhibition as “weak” and 14% only of these companies evaluated the exhibition as “acceptable”.

Concerning the possibility of the companies’ participation in the same event next year, about 93% of the companies stressed on repeating its participation next year, while 7% of the companies wish to participate again in the exhibition and all the companies are willing to participate which reflects the success of the Egyptian participation as well as the Egyptian companies’ satisfaction on the effectiveness and the importance of the exhibition in general, as well as ITIDA’s performance, the participation in the regulatory process and the Egyptian pavilion in particular.

About the objectives of participation and its rates of achievements, the data highlighted that 100% of the companies achieved its goal in participating in building new business relationships and in marketing the company and its products in the ideal form during the exhibition.

Furthermore, 85.71% of the companies achieved the goal of maintaining and communicating with the existing customers and to prepare for future deals in addition to studying the market and the competitive companies.

The majority of the companies which is represented as 92.85% are exchanging their experiences and information with the companies and visitors participating in the exhibition and it should be noted that more than half of the Egyptian companies (up to 58% of the companies) were able to make deals during GITEX 2011.

Assessing the participation of the Egyptian companies started as soon as the event was over through distributing questionnaires among these companies to know their opinions concerning the regulatory process and the participation output besides other details that ITIDA would benefit from as guideline during organizing the Egyptian participation in the international exhibitions.

ITIDA’s CEO, Mr. Yasser El-Kady, stressed on ITIDA’s success during the exhibition this year in achieving the objectives of participation which is represented in ensuring the intensive Egyptian presence in the international exhibitions for information technology in addition to maximize the benefit of all the Egyptian companies of the exhibition.

He, also, noted that GITEX Dubai 2011 exhibition witnessed a considerable success of the announcement of launching the Egyptian e-Signature Center of Excellence.

Mr. El-Kady added that this center has definitely struck a chord with the interest of the companies, agencies and governmental authorities in Gulf countries to participate in the Egyptian pavilion in order to discover the center’s services and to discuss the possibilities of cooperation and how to benefit from its services.

According to Mr. Yasser El-Kady, the process of evaluating and follow-up of Egyptian companies working in the field of information technology after participating in exhibitions and different international events has a particular importance as the indicators showed the progress of the effectiveness of Egyptian participation and its lessons learned from this participation, in addition to the most important things of the companies which were able to sign contracts and its efforts in attracting potential clients.

It is worth mentioning that ITIDA took part in GITEX Dubai 2011 for the sixth successive year. ITIDA is exerting much efforts to create opportunities for partnerships and to increase the Egyptian exports of IT products and services as well as to increase investments, penetrating the Gulf markets. Moreover, the Egyptian participation reflects the awareness of the Gulf markets of the Egyptian potential and competence in the field of information technology services especially with Egypt’s high ranks which had achieved in the recent international reports.

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