Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
18 January 2012
Ties with Nile Basin Countries

Having in common the Nile, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo, and Eretria have then the same destiny.

Aware of the importance of the neighboring African countries, and Nile Basin countries in particular considered as the natural prolongation of Egypt and the strategic profound of the country, Egypt’s government exerts serious efforts to strengthen ties with the Nile Basin countries. In this regard, communications and information technology seem to play a pivotal role in fortifying ties with Nile Basin countries.

Egypt’s government is about to launch the "Egyptian initiative for the development of the Nile Basin countries". This initiative includes the establishment of regional training ICT centers and government buildings projects based on technological applications, also known for “smart buildings". Besides, capacity building programs and spreading ICT knowledge are also part of the initiative.

This initiative reflects Egypt’s eagerness to undertake integrated development projects and programs in the Nile Basin countries in the strategic fields of each country. This is to reinforce the Egyptian relations with these countries in a way that helps African countries achieve their development goals.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has set a plan to activate partnership initiatives that tackle many sectors, such as providing ICT training and developmental programs, reforming postal sector, saving cultural heritage…etc.

Egypt participated with notable efforts in modernizing Postal sector in Africa through providing the necessary technical assistance to these countries and the training of human calibers, depending on the huge heritage Egypt has in services and postal products in addition to its ability to create and develop systems of the field.

Having the same destiny, African countries will achieve prosperity through establishing a network of strong and solid relationships, creating common channels and aims, and launching regulatory frameworks and governing rules to share with these countries.

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