23 February 2012
"ITIDA" Announces the Start of Receiving Proposals for the 11th Session of "ITAC" Programs Initiative

ITIDA receives research proposals for the 11th round of Information Technology Academic Collaboration Initiative (ITAC) initiative 2012, starting from the 1st till the 31st of March.

Research projects shall focus on Product Development Projects (PDP), Advanced Research Projects (ARP) and ITIDA Fellowships.
ITIDA identified the areas of research of the proposals.

Research areas divided into two exclusive sections: the first section includes 5 strategic research areas: Wireless and Cyber Security, ICT for Homeland Security, ICT for Transportation, ICT for Health, ICT for Agriculture. 

The second section includes 7 research areas Technology-Trend Areas: Mobile Applications and Computing, Cloud Computing, Contextual and Social Analytics/Experience, Internet of Things, Ubiquitous Computing, Green ICT, and the Digital Content.

Meanwhile, the current session will be the last one regarding the submission of research proposals related to environment-friendly technology and digital content.

Aiming to enhance communication with researchers and encourage them joining the initiative, the initiative team has updated the applicant guide and provided a model of the research proposal. Such endeavors contribute at increasing the opportunities of the submitted research projects to be accepted in the evaluation process.

The initiative pumps new ideas in the information technology industry, especially in the exclusive research areas identified by ITIDA, as it continues to promote the industry in cooperation with universities and research organizations for the benefit of all parties.

The initiative funds several research projects that confer great benefit in different areas, maximize the use of information technology and provide a real and fruitful communication between industry and research sectors.

Since its inception in 2006 until 2011, the initiative has funded several joint research projects between companies, universities and research organizations. The number of PDPs funded by the initiative is 21 projects with 19 ITAC projects and 4 projects in ITIDA Fellowship with a total of 44 projects; this number is the result of selected projects from more than 350 proposals submitted by more than 137 companies and 32 universities and research centers.

A commission mandated by ITIDA examines the submitted proposals to select the best as per priority and the market needs.

The initiative is primarily based on the promotion of cooperation between the key players of the IT industry, universities and research and development centers "R&D". Achieving this goal, creating a link between the scientific research and information technology industry on one hand and the needs of the market on the other hand is a must, in order to add value to companies operating in the field of information technology, universities, researchers and the Egyptian technology information community as a whole.

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