17 November 2011
eMisr National Broadband Plan

Aware of the internet role laying the ground for the values of accessibility, availability, transparency, and above all enrooting the concept of information society, Egypt has taken serious steps towards spreading and speeding-up internet bandwidth.

The Egyptian government is determined to respond to the hunger for more bandwidth services coupled with consumers’ appetite for video- content, news, and multi-media services.

Answering such tremendous demand, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, through its regulatory arm, the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) launches the “eMisr National Broadband Plan”.

Within a new era of world economic order, the Egyptian society has become in need to ICT tools namely broadband services more than ever before. The development of many sectors of the society mainly depends on strong broadband infrastructure with appropriate applications, enabling the implementation of new national projects and initiatives, such as: e-education, e-health, e-government, ICT in business, e-commerce and e-content.

eMisr is the second initiative after the government’s broadband initiative in 2004, through which the number of broadband connections increased ten folds within four years and brought 24 Mbps ADSL2+ access to residential households.

eMisr is a national broadband plan that proposes different strategic directives to meet Egypt’s broadband service needs. The plan aims to develop the ICT infrastructure enabling providers to offer better and faster internet broadband service which, in turn, allow citizens nationwide to access video- content, news, and multi-media services. 

eMisr National Broadband Plan is a two staged plan to address the development of the broadband market in Egypt. Its first phase, “a Framework for Broadband Development”, proposes a list of strategic options and recommendations to achieve set targets by addressing supply and demand constraints.

As a second phase, a “Broadband Action Plan”, is to follow in Q2 2012 and entails the execution of the eMisr plan. It will detail, based on eMisr, a list of action items with timelines and responsibilities needed for the execution of the plan. This is expected to be done, through different task forces and in collaboration with all stakeholders of the Egyptian broadband industry. The plan is envisaged to create a robust national broadband ecosystem to meet Egypt’s needs for the 21st century.

The overall investments in the development of the broadband market is  expected to have a positive impact on the Egyptian economy in terms of productivity (GDP) and job creation whether direct or indirect job opportunities.
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