26 June 2012
MCIT Launches the ICDL Fellowship for People with Disabilities

Based on the Strategic plan set by Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for Empowering People with Disabilities (PWDs), and activating their role in the society, MCIT launches the ICDL fellowship dedicated for rehabilitating and training PWDs.

The project aims at boosting the potential of PWDs as well as developing their basic technological skills to qualify them to acquire ICDL Certification, internationally-acknowledged all over the world.

Holders of ICDL Certification enjoy basic IT capabilities, as the certification is considered learning and training model in Information Society which helps its holder catch up with the updates in the employment market.

ICDL fellowship is one of MCIT programs reflecting the Ministry’s deep belief in the People with Disabilities and in the necessity of offering them their rights.

Being an essential active and integrated part of the society, PWDs are to push forward the production wheel as a potent force. The project further helps them get integrated into the public life and the information society.

For more information and for acquiring the fellowship, please visit: http://egypt.ict4pwd.com/forms
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