1 July 2012
The Second Round of TOMOH for Social Entrepreneurship Competition Kicks Off

Egypt Information and Communication Technology Trust Fund (ICT-TF), a program established as a result of an agreement between Egypt Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and United Nations Development Program, launches the second round of TOMOH Competition starting the first of July. The competition is open till the end of August.

All entrepreneurs and youth who have innovative ideas and lack the necessary funds are invited to join the competition.

“Youth equals Power” is a notion Egypt ICT-TF has always believed in. Hence, it has always sought to empower Egyptian youth who have the ambition to change their surroundings through its “Youth Social Entrepreneurship Programme (YSEP) - “TOMOH Competition”.

This round aims at creating a new generation of aspiring youth who seek to achieve excellence and leadership in their social oriented businesses and projects using information and communication technologies (ICTs).

The selected contestants would receive capacity building and business training to be able to overcome the concurrent social and environmental challenges related to employment. These workshops would be given by professionals and experts in the field of project management, project sustainability and project planning.

Participants would have the access to ongoing guidance and technical support through the competition portal www.ysep.org.eg. Also, through the same portal, contestants would be able to exchange experiences and knowledge.
By the end of the project, winners would receive in-kind awards that would help them sustain their businesses.

About Egypt ICT Trust Fund
Established jointly by MCIT and UNDP in 2002, Egypt ICT Trust Fund aims to foster Egypt’s socio-economic development through a serious of coordinated initiatives and projects that utilize ICTs for the empowerment of communities through an integrated public-private partnerships model. This is achieved by increasing the awareness of ICTs and making it more acceptable and affordable to all citizens.
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