17 July 2012
Imagine Cup 2012 Winners Announced

Student winners from across the globe are honored at the 10th anniversary of the Imagine Cup.

The Imagine Cup 2012 competition winners are announced at the Imagine Cup World Festival and Awards Ceremony at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, in front of 106 student teams. The event was the culmination of a five-day celebration of technology, teamwork and innovation.

More than 350 students from 75 countries traveled to Sydney after competing in local and online events, representing the best and brightest selected to compete in the Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals.

Out of five challenges, Egypt has been represented by 3 teams in different categories. Vivid, an Egyptian team of Ain Shams University, has secured first place in the category of ‘Mobile Application Challenges’. In addition, Sherif Talaat−an Egyptian student and competitor− has acquired second position in the category of ‘Technology Challenge’.

Moreover, the Egyptian Level Up team of Mansoura University has managed to pass the preliminary phase in the category of ‘Software Design’, hence listed among the best 20 teams worldwide.

Over the past 10 years, Imagine Cup participants have applied technology and minds to positively impact their local communities and change the world,” said Moorthy Uppaluri, general manager, Global Academic Programs, Microsoft. “Whether it’s using the cloud to aid in disaster recovery, inventing technology to make education more accessible to erase the digital divide or making it possible to diagnose medical conditions using mobile phones, the Imagine Cup has inspired students to imagine what once was considered impossible and make it real.”

At the end of the ceremony, Pip Marlow, general manager of Microsoft Australia, participated in the ceremonial flag passing to mark the transition of host country duties. Nikolay Pryanishnikov, general manager of Microsoft Russia, was on hand to accept the flag on behalf of Russia, which will host the 11th annual Imagine Cup in St. Petersburg in July 2013.
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