Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
13 November 2012
Launching “Kayanak” for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Initiative

Egypt Information and Communication Technology Trust fund (ICT-TF),,  has always supported the creation and development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), hence, it is no wonder that the fund has recently launched “Kayanak” initiative.

This initiative uses a self-learning approach as a way to support and develop SMEs in Egypt and raise their owners’ capacities and work-related skills. As a result, the fund would help raise the efficiency of SMEs in Egypt which raises their net profit and generate further employment.

This initiative is  brought about as a part of the Egyptian-Japanese project called, “ Youth Employment Generation Program” that the fund has recently implemented. This Egyptian-Japanese funded program is based on three routes for enhancing youth employment; one of them is supporting the creation of small and medium enterprises using information and communication technologies (ICTs).

The self-learning component of this initiative is done through offering participants training courses using a CD format in the field of project and business management, marketing, and knowledge creation skills.  To be more specific, the courses given and uploaded on the CDs are two types;
§  The Entrepreneurial skills that includes the following skills; Business management and planning skills, accounting and financial skills, sales and marketing skills, customer services, and basic computer skills
§  The knowledge creation and knowledge management skills which includes skills like digital photography, digital video, website management and creation, and basic computer skills.

These courses, are designed to allow trainees to directly train themselves without the need for a class room or instructors. This is done through an electronic format that involves electronic guidelines that are continuously and technically supported and updated to help participants use the training CDs.

Also the initiative includes creating the electronic interfaces on Kenanaonline, , that would be used for marketing the participants’ services and products.

That is not all, these electronic interfaces would allow participants to make use of e-advise given by Kenanaonline experts and professionals, network with other websites on the portal and share their experience as well as other SMEs.

But how to access these CDs? Interested candidates are advised to fill in an subscription form on “Kayanak” website. Then, “Kayanak” team screen and select the applicants according to the initiative rules. Selected applicants are given the cognitive and technical support in the form of CDs in addition to allowing them to create their own website on Kenanaonline portal.

The CDs are given for free to selected applicants, however, there is one condition which is applicants are asked to upload a full presentation on how they have benefited from the CDs and how ICTs helped them develop.
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