3 September 2012
Egypt and China in Contact: Submarine Cable and Investments Providing Better Jobs

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, in its last visit to china, was keen to create more aspects of cooperation between Egypt and China in the field of Communications and Information Technology.

The  Egyptian and Chinese sides discussed many investment projects led by investments in broadband Internet. The Egyptian minister reported that the Chinese government and private companies promised to contribute to the establishment of a broadband Internet network, where such investments in this network cost about LE 3.2 billion and provides more than 40,000 jobs.

Minister of Communications and Information Technology pointed out that the Egyptian side called the Chinese side to invest in submarine cables and their passage through the Egyptian territories because of its strategic importance at the geographical and economic levels indicating that China agreed to extend submarine cable through the Egyptian territories to link the Middle East.

Mr. Hany Mahmoud added that he invited the Chinese side and companies to set up a factory in Egypt to produce tablet computers "iPad" indicating that this matter is still under study especially that it relates to the size of the required quantity of these devices and that they consider to manufacture millions of devices of this kind.

Mr. Hany Mahmoud said that it has been agreed with the Chinese side to establish a research and development (R&D) center for the study and development of technological infrastructure in Egypt with the help of China to take advantage of the research and developments of this center and in the field of communications and information technology.

On the other hand, Mr. Hany Mahmoud affirmed that cutting the service of some Chinese illegal devices would only be done after sending special messages by mobile operators to their customers. This will be done by agreement with the mobile operators.

The minister pointed out that this will only apply to all illegal Chinese devices which are not in conformity with the specifications.  The targeted devices are those bearing no serial number or having no license from the NTRA to be operated in Egypt.

He added that in addition to the radiation produced by such illegal devices which are harmful to the health of citizens, the absence of a serial number on the devices helps to spread annoyances, fraud and crime in general because such devices cannot be traced or their owners may not be identified.
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