14 October 2012
In GITEX Dubai, ITIDA organizes B2B meetings with Turkish and Canadian ICT Companies to Open New Markets

With the participation of 86 Egyptian visitor and exhibitor companies in the Egyptian pavilion, the events of Gitex Technology Week 2012, 14-18 October started today at Dubai International Convention Centre.

Opening new markets for Egyptian companies and maximizing ICT cooperation, ITIDA is organizing Business to Business (B2B) meetings for Egyptian companies with Turkish and Canadian counterparts, participating at Gitex.

During the second day of the exhibition, ITIDA organizes a working dinner for Egyptian and Turkish companies. A number of 35 Turkish firms has confirmed attendance.

Before the exhibition kicks off, Egyptian and Turkish parties exchanged files comprising their business fields, expertise and specialties, thus closely identifying best opportunities to maximize cooperation.

Being one of the biggest ICT technology events worldwide, Gitex is a significant platform to present latest technologies and innovations.

It attracts major international brands, more than 3500 local and international ICT companies and over 136 thousands of technology experts and concerned ones.

This year, Africa plays a chief role as the slogan of the exhibition is “Africa in Focus”. Delegations and companies of the largest African countries are participating in this exhibition, among which are: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Zambia and many others.

Moreover, Gitex is an opportunity to enable the African companies to communicate with other global companies, promote their performance and expand investments outside the African continent.
Visited by a large number of high officials and decision makers in various fields, the business solution section is a cornerstone in Gitex Dubai. These visits are to identify the main technologies designed to fulfill the needs of markets of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

The section also provides a unique opportunity for investment, practices of real business, and benefit of these applications in measuring corporate earnings.

Furthermore, Gitex comprises various sections offering solutions in different fields of commercial solutions and business applications. They include integrated packages of hardware, software, networks, security technologies serving banking and finance sectors.

They also consist of business intelligence solutions, customer relation management, office automation, database management, e-commerce, transport, SMEs, official management system, as well as securing networks, particularly wireless networks.

Playing an important role in the exhibition, digital marketing displays contribute in increasing awareness of the digital marketing world and understanding how major international companies electronically promote their businesses and products.

In addition, it keeps up with constant change in global digital marketing through interaction with ideas and topics, raised by senior international and global experts.

In MENA region, statistics show that 58% of e-marketing companies have increased their budgets in digital marketing this year and 52% of these companies have raised their budgets by at least 20% in e-marketing.

Additionally, 81% of companies have increased their investments in the field of social media.
A number of senior experts and specialists in e-marketing are to provide demos of the latest marketing techniques and approaches for businesses and trademarks.

Among the techniques demonstrated are: digital advertisement application, content management, hosting bands’ websites, e-marketing campaigns’ designs and software, e-mail promotion campaigns and electronic gates of trade and payments.

One of the leading sections at Gitex Dubai is the one presenting governmental solutions.

Governments pay special attention to trends, tools and techniques that help streamline operations and services provided to public; ensure the flow in a flexible manner to all segments of society.

Due to the high demand of governmental bodies and suppliers to purchase these technologies, mainly the ones facilitating business on internet, representatives of governmental departments and agencies will shed light on latest innovations, products and business systems previously tested and contributed notably in developing the performance of public sector.

Around 3000 persons representing delegations of organizations and governmental bodies are participating in the events of the exhibition.

Their goal is to attain necessary tools of learning through courses, round tables and seminars, with analysts of industry leaders and software developers.

The attendance is to achieve maximum benefit of creating opportunities in various business fields through integrating and merging among technologies in a more efficient fashion.

In 1981, Gitex launched its first activities with the participation of 46 exhibitor companies, in an area of 820 square meters and visited by 3038 guests only.

Ever since, Gitex has doubled 93 times in space, 76 times in the number of exhibitor companies, and 44 times in the number of visitors compared to its first edition.

This year, Gitex forum and conference is held on  an area of 76 thousand square meters with more than 3500 IT companies participating from more than 65 countries.

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