17 October 2012
On the Margins of GITEX Dubai 2012: Egyptian-Turkish Deliberations Targeting Gulf and African Markets

On the second day of Gitex Dubai, Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIA) organized a business dinner for a number of Egyptian companies and representatives of Turkish companies, participating in the exhibition.
Arranged by preliminary liaison that took place before the start of the exhibition, the meeting aimed to open new markets for Egyptian companies and increase collaboration with the Turkish side in business and trade.

Welcoming Turkish companies, ITIDA CEO, Mr Yasser El Kady, attended the meeting and held discussions about Egypt’s competitive qualifications and means of promoting collaboration between Turkish and Egyptian companies, to target African and Gulf markets.

Among the Turkish companies participating in the exhibition is Bilgisayar Teknoloji Sistemleri A S, a leading Turkish company in mobile phone applications. The company develops mobile applications in aviation field, financial and banking solutions, e-commerce applications via mobile phones, in addition to health applications and communications solutions.

Bilgisayar Teknoloji Sistemleri A S has a generous list of customers from various sectors, such as Atlas Jet, Turkish Airlines, Anadolu Jet in aviation sector. In the field of financial and banking solutions, the list includes Garanti Bank, Asia Bank, Finance Bank and Deniz Bank.

Additionally, there are many trade websites, most important of which are Ebay and Vodafone Turkey.

Award-winning mobile application “Tmob” is the company’s notable product. It also develops applications for I phone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phones, as well as for Nokia and Samsung Bada.

Technotel Informatics was also one of the participants in the meeting, a leading telecommunication service provider through modem cables in Turkey since its establishment in 1999. Technotel is one of the first companies to launch cable internet service in turkey.

Moreover, Technotel promotes itself in the Turkish market through the support services it provides in this field; its products are registered under the name “NetMASTER”.

The company has signed several contracts to supply wireless network cables for Turksat Company in the field of telecommunications cables, wired and wireless internet and voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

Furthermore, Technicard Sistemleri, a company specialized in smart cards, as well as producing e-cards, magnetic cards, storage and memory cards, 3D cards and e-payment cards, took part in Gitex Dubai 2012.

In addition, Metasoft Bilgisayar, a company expert in the field of software and systems of hospital and clinic management participated in the exhibition. It produces “DentAssist” applications, a program managing hospitals and dental clinics, as well as other systems of hospital management and documentations to streamline workflow.

Keen to attend the exhibition, Dilara Mataraci Company produces mobile applications in Turkey and Europe. “TIKLE” is one of its prominent products and is the latest and most developed application of information and entertainment for mobile phones.

Products of Dilara Mataraci varies from mobile application developing services, content management platforms, value-added services, information services and entertainment via mobile phones and distribution of mobile content.

Established in 1997 and one of the best 500 ICT companies in Turkey, Carita Software and Consultancy Services Company took part in Gitex Dubai 2012. It comprises 50 specialists in software engineering and development.

A Microsoft gold certified partner, Carita Software and Consultancy Services offers services to various industrial sectors in the Turkish market, the most important of which are: customs, medicine, fast food chains and communications.

Moreover, it presents specialized solutions and services in the field of custom regulation development, location tracking, sales management applications, mobile phones applications and management solutions.

On the other hand, Arc Development was among the list of the Egyptian companies participating at Gitex Dubai 2012. Many of these companies met with their Turkish counterparts.

Since 2007, Arc Development has specialized in improving applications and web design services for SMEs and non-profit organizations.

It was established with the mission of offering application developers in the Middle East a share of the global information economy.

Recently, Arc has grown to become the development means for several international software companies. It works closely with its customers to provide high levels of customer service and subsidy at reasonable prices.

This approach has led Arc to establish a project to develop software operations in the Egyptian government in 2009. It has also received CMMI certificate of merit and ISO certification.

Participating in the exhibition and established in 2004, Integrated Knowledge Dynamics Company (IKD) offers its technical expertise, using latest technologies, in website development solutions, software production, customer relation programs and e-gates.

IKD is dedicated to implement a growth-oriented strategy and promote its position in the market. The strategy aims at time reduction, quality increase, gaining customer trust, decreasing overall cost and converting websites into information centers.

Areas of IKD activities include internet solutions, e-gates, websites, information management systems, web content systems, archiving, customer management systems, database development services and web applications.

In customer service management, IKD focuses on flexibility in various business fields, control of data management of organizations and transaction follow-up to allow monitoring of sales and customer service activities.

Another participating company in the exhibition is Compact Soft, established in 1984 and is one of the pioneering Egyptian companies in software development and technical support services.

Through implementing projects for more than 600 customers, Compact Soft has developed its expertise in the field of design, implementation, program installation and support. This helped the company to produce programs, regarded as the best in various fields and industries.

Additionally, Compact Soft has a large number of products that meet the basic requirements of business fields, as well as specialized products and solutions covering special needs for some business sectors. This has already been achieved through focusing on the development of standard and comprehensive solutions.

Moreover, Compact Soft solutions encompasses integrated financial system, trading system, production system, equipment and machinery maintenance system, human resources management system, selling points system, hospital management system, archiving system, temporary admission balance monitoring system and free-zone and customs balance monitoring system.

With regard to the systems of salaries and attendance, checks, letters of credit, letters of guarantee and commission on collection, Compact Soft has introduced additions to Microsoft AX program.

Established in year 2000 and using latest technology methods, Emotion for Marketing Solutions is among the participating companies in Gitex Dubai 2012. It offers excellent services in designing and developing various websites and different applications on the internet.

Inside and outside the Arab world, Emotion for Marketing Solutions has obtained several awards in this field, the most prominent of which is the gold award for quality and excellence in customer service at the World Conference for trends of business initiatives, lately held in Geneva, Switzerland.

Furthermore, Emotion for Marketing Solutions offers services of designing and developing of advanced websites and e-gates, various applications on the internet and on social networking, mobile phone applications, in addition to sophisticated cloud hosting services and e-marketing for companies.

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