19 November 2012
Tablets Instead of Books for Preparatory Students

In the framework of modernizing the educational process, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Hany Mahmoud announces that it has been agreed with the Ministry of Education, as a first phase, to start distributing tablet computers at a number of preparatory schools.

 At this end, a committee of both ministries has been formed.

On the sidelines of the conference held on the occasion of the cooperation between Etisalat Misr and Al-Kharafi Group to produce tablet computers, Mr. Mahmoud states that the service is initially provided at preparatory schools with broadband connections.

Minister denotes that these tablets are to remain with students until their first year of high school. Tablets are equipped with rich e-content to substitute the need for textbooks.

In spite of the fact that students do not bear the cost, Mr. Hany Mahmoud adds that tablet price starts from EGP 900 and that MCIT is working to reduce it to EGP 600.

Mr. Mahmoud says that MCIT has launched a tender to dispense ten thousands of tablet computers won by Banha for Electronic Industries.

Starting next year, tablets will be distributed to university students as a pilot stage.

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