Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
17 September 2018
Third ATU Preparatory Meeting for WRC-19 to Hold in Cairo

The African Telecommunications Union (ATU) is organizing the 3rd ATU Preparatory Meeting (APM19-3) for the World Radiocommunications Conference (WRC-19), in Cairo, Egypt, on September 17 – 21, hosted by the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA). The WRC-19 is due to be held in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt between 28 October and 22 November 2019.

The meeting aims to discuss the International Telecommunication Union – Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) progress and work plans towards preparations for WRC-19; sub-regions’ work plans for WRC-19; and other ITU regions’ views on key agenda items and work plans for WRC-19. This is in addition to considering the reports of the second ATU WRC-19 Preparatory Working Groups meetings (WG19-2); input contributions and information documents; and African views/positions on WRC-19 agenda issues.

Egypt has a distinct and prestigious position within ATU as one of the founding members of the Union and one of the countries that ATU Secretariat relies on to lead the African section in international forums and defend its interests.

Egypt plays a leading role in the Union and contributes effectively to the development of ICT sector in the African continent.

ATU is the leading continental organization fostering the development of ICT infrastructure and services, with a current membership of 44 Members States and 17 Associate Members.
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