3 January 2013
Tomoh Ideas at the International Information Technologies Exhibition

Egypt ICT-TF and the International Information Technologies and Digital Systems Conference organized an exhibition from the 27th of September till the 30th of September, 2012 to provide entrepreneurs with direct opportunities to communicate with potential sponsors in their fields.

Around 10 ideas were selected and passed on to the second phase of Tomouh competition to participate in the exhibition.

Among these ideas comes the Robot Farmer. The product is a robot that does the work of farmer without the need of any human interference. This robot works through solar power and can be controlled by remote control or by a computer.

Therefore, this innovative idea solves three problems, allowing for desert cultivation and turning it into productive agriculture land, the usage of clean and cheap energy, and high agriculture efficiency and performance.

“Made in Damietta” is another idea. This is an initiative done by a group of youth from Damietta to achieve better socio-economic conditions in their city through self development of craftsmen based in Damietta. Hence, this initiative improves Damietta’s economy by utilizing local tools and ideas.

Another candidate thought of serving the elderly. He came up with the “Pension by delivery” idea. The project aims to ease the suffering of elder pensioners when they go on their monthly trip to take their pensions through direct delivery of pensions to their houses. This is done after registering at the project easy and simple website.

The exhibition included other ideas of which is the Public Interactive Electronic Maps, Furn Market, Glove computer, Assuit pocket guide, wifi private mobile network, WildCAT- Smarter Solutions for a Clean Energy Future.
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