12 May 2013
Youth Employment Seminar

Under the auspices and in the presence of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr Atef Helmy,  ICT Trust Fund affiliated with MCIT in cooperation with UNDP-Egypt organizes “ Youth Employment Generation in Egypt”  seminar to be held on May 19 in the Conference Center at Smart Village.

This comes in the framework of an effective implementation to the key strategic pillars of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology(MCIT) to empower Egyptian citizens in line with transiting to knowledge society, creating a suitable environment and encouraging and developing technological innovations and creativity, as well as entrepreneurship for youth.

The conference highlights the role of the international participation through “Youth Employment Generation in Egypt” project, executed in coordination with Japan government.

The project aims at creating new job opportunities for youth in Egypt through providing specialized training opportunities in IT field; encouraging, empowering and highlighting youth ideas in IT applications and use in presenting suitable technical solutions to counter challenges faced by the society.

This is in addition to introducing the concept of entrepreneurship to meet society needs in all development aspects.

The conference also underlines government and civil roles in implementing the project: the Ministry of State for Youth and Social Fund for Development in partnership with private and civil sectors in Egypt governorates and display results of the successful participations in the program’s following three pillars:

Support MSEs: the capacity of 1,650 youth has been built of small and micro entrepreneurs, as well as building capabilities of 150 persons with visual and hearing disabilities. This is in addition to training 125 trainers on Training the Trainers (TOT)Program (Accounting and financial skills - entrepreneurship skills – marketing, sales and customer service skills – e- marketing "creating and managing website).

The role of the Ministry of State for Youth  has grown by participating with  Egypt ICT Trust Fund  in organizing a workshop for trainers and beneficiaries in six governorates through affiliated youth centers and organizations.

A training program named “Kayanak” was launched through the internet www.kayanak.net as a suitable method to reach micro entrepreneurs, build self-capacity of 320 of Entrepreneurs and provide technical support and knowledge needed.

Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program (YSEP) Tomouh competition was launched to inspire youth to lead their own small business using IT technology.

Many communication methods were used to promote the competition, most important of which were awareness campaigns executed with the participation of Edu-Egypt program affiliated with Information Technology Institute (ITI).

The outcome of this effective participation was 266 new projects ideas created by youth of which 137  entrepreneurs were selected and trained on the skills of entrepreneurship and setting action plans, as well as training 11 trainers on training skills and Social Entrepreneurship. This is in addition to providing communication services, consultations.

with the partnership of the  Social Fund for Development, arbitration and selecting best five projects took place while supporting them to proceed successfully with their projects .

Vocational and technical training, youth employment: this pillar occupies a top priority through adopting an integrated group of policies based on careful information on labor market and its needs, thus creating and developing suitable training content in accordance with beneficiaries needs with the participation of NGOs in four governorates (Daqhlieh - Mania – Aswan- Cairo).

Accomplishment of this pillar was the specialized training for 473 in the following fields: financial management, design and graphics, training the trainers, communication and customer service, computer maintenance).

This is in addition to employing 51% of trainers and partnership with NGOs in these governorates resulted in surveys of national and local labor market needs in the four governorates.

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