Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
27 November 2013
ITIDA, Schneider Electric Sign MOU to Expand Business in Egypt

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Schneider Electric in line with ITIDA strategic plan to develop Egyptian IT exports and provide job opportunities for Egyptian calibers.

The MoU main goal focuses on training Egyptian specialized calibers working at Schneider regional center to help the center develop its exportations of technical support and customers services to the regional markets.

ITIDA CEO, Yasser El-Kady and Schneider Electric Administrative Manager, Albert Focher signed the MOU which reflects the company’s desire to develop the regional specialized center exportations business, through multiplying the number of employees at the center along the two coming years.  

The MoU facilitates the use of VOPI service and acquiring the best international trunking and communications rates special for the IT export centers, in order to pursue Schneider regional center business in Egypt.  

The French company, one of the leading companies worldwide in the field of research and energy technology, holds a large number of customers in mining, water, oil, banking and financial sector, communications as well as the cooperation with the government sector to generate, transport and distribute energy. 

The local branch has more than 800 employees and provides services to Egypt and North Africa markets since 1987. The company has two factories: one in the city of 10th of Ramadan and the other in the city of Bard.

Schneider Electric has also acquired a large experience in the development of the best medium voltage systems and energy consumption management and rationalization solutions and the products of ultra-efficient automation functioning services. 

The MoU, El-Kady said, culminated the Agency’s efforts during this year, following the signing of similar agreements to expand business of ITWorx, Vodafone and Etisal International.

This aims to strengthen the Egyptian ICT sector competitiveness on local, regional and international levels.

He also pointed out that the agreement with Schneider Electric underlined the role of the Agency in opening new horizons for other sectors like energy to export IT services.  

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